Paepae o Heʻeia
Paepae o Heʻeia
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Papahana Kuaola
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Kākoʻo ‘Ōiwi

About us

Huliāmahi is an alliance between Papahana Kuaola, Kākoʻo ‘Ōiwi and Paepae o Heʻeia,Three non-profit organizations located in the ahupuaʻa of Heʻeia. These ‘āina- based programs have committed to working together to improve the educational development and overall well being of youth and families in Koʻolaupoko and Hawaiʻi. All three organizations stand firm in the belief that people are an inseparable part of ʻāina and feel that educating youth through an Aloha‘ina framework will bring about great outcomes.

Our united approach to educational programming and development is focused on helping students realize a deeper understanding and confidence in themselves. Through consistent & well planned engagements, teachers will feel supported and a part of a larger community that shares in the kuleana of preparing youth for success through strengthening their values and appreciation of where they are from. 

Papahana Kuaola, located in the ahupuaʻa of Heʻeia in the ʻili ʻāina of Waipao, is a mālama ʻāina-based non-profit organization that is connecting the area’s past with a sustainable future.

Papahana Kuaola is working to restore over 60 acres of invasive forest back to native providing cultural, educational and ecosystem restoration programming.

Paepae o He’eia is a private non-profit organization dedicated to caring for He’eia Fishpond – an ancient Hawaiian fishpond located in He’eia Uli, Ko’olaupoko, O’ahu.

Paepae O Heʻeia is restoring over a mile of fishpond wall enclosing 88 acres of water dedicated to the unification of programs, resources, culture and people.

Kākoʻo ʻŌiwi is a Heʻeia, Oʻahu based nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization, whose mission is to perpetuate the cultural and spiritual practices of Native Hawaiians.

Kākoʻo ʻŌiwi has committed to restoring over 400 acres of wetlands loʻi, and forest perpetuating strength and resilience through eco-cultural education projects.

To ensure even greater outcomes, Huliāmahi has reached out to KEY Project who for over 50 years has specialized in the facilitation and support of community and organizational partnerships in the Koʻolau area.

ALOHA ʻĀINA: (To Love Land)

Having a deep love for your land. Learning about and developing a relationship with the place that provides for you, your family and your community. Making decisions and choosing your actions based on this deep relationship with the best interest in mind for your ʻāina. Creating a lifestyle that supports loving the land and being a humble servant of this place.

(To Care for Land)

To care for land in all forms; physical, psychological and spiritual are essential in developing Aloha ʻĀina. It must be placed in the forefront of our consciousness until such time that it becomes as natural an action as the beating of our hearts. Mālama ʻĀina must be as compulsory as language arts and mathematics in school and should be the vehicle in which children in Hawaiʻi learn. If our youth learn to mālama ʻāina in that way, then ʻāina will mālama them.

(To Speak the Language)

Hawaiian language is the language that best describes Hawaiʻiʻs people, landscape, culture and practices. It is also an important way to support Huliāmahi in itʻs mission to foster a deep love for ʻāina within the youth.

Empowering youth with the language of this land will foster a strengthened sense of belonging to Hawaiʻi on several levels regardless of ethnicity, identity or nationality.

(To Impart Wisdom)

The transfer of knowledge, practices and protocols that comes from a deep and experienced place will prepare the next generation to take care of our home, Hawaiʻi. The wisdom of those who have come before us must guide the way in which we utilize new knowledge to maintain what we do now. All the while shaping the world that our children will inherit from us. The knowledge we acquire shall become wisdom to the next generation. Therefore, it must be relevant and meaningful. 

(To Create Relationships)
Working together with an open mind, loving heart and humble soul are the tools needed to produce great outcomes. To build a strong community and a sustainable ʻāina, sharing resources and responsibilities and fundamental to a healthy and vibrant ʻohana and ahupuaʻa. Activities that foster leadership, patience, understanding and caring will be a regular part of the Huliāmahi education experience. 

Program: What we are Offering

We humbly seek opportunities to create a supportive and nurturing network around youth to help them realize a more positive and successful educational outcome. Huliāmahi is offering…

Teacher Training 

Curriculum Development 

Site Visits 

Pre and Post Lessons

Education and Technological Support 

Teacher and Community Forums 

Environmental & Cultural Experience

Bus Transportation, Site Fees, Educational Materials and Teacher Trainings will be provided by Huliāmahi through generous support from the Hauʻoli Mau Loa Foundation.

A foundational sponsor of Huliāmahi is the Castle Foundation. Castle awards grants to close achievement and preparation gaps in public education in Hawaiʻi, restore nearshore marine ecosystems, and strengthen Windward Oʻahu communities.

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